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With over 20 years of experience with the application and maintenance of hair extensions, I pride myself on my meticulous installation and natural-look application, as well as my colour matching.   I only use high quality products that give the best finish, last longer and do not damage your natural hair.  I use various types of extensions as well as application techniques:


Temporary application option in a variety of lengths that lasts typically 6-8 weeks.


Micro Rings

Highest quality hair discretely installed using no glue, no heat, and no braids.


Nano Bead

Smaller version of Micro Rings using single strand, high quality hair.  


Micro Weft

Glue and heat free mothod to add length, volume and new colour.  



Award-winning real human hair extensions. Beauty Works extensions came in a variety of application styles.  These include micro-rings, choice nanobonds, wefts, flat tip hair extensions invsi collection tape-in  and stick tip extensions. Please contact me for a quote. 




Great Lengths come both as bonded and tape-in extensions.  Tape-in extensions offer a more temporary application where by the natural hair is sectioned and a tape is applied below and above it, just below the roots without the use of a machine. 

Lasts 6-8 weeks, if well maintained and be re-taped up to three times

Suitable for adding length, volume or introducing colour with an extensive range of colours available. 

Available in 25cm, 35cm, 45cm and 55cm.  Double drawn – same thickness from root to tip

Remy Hair – All strands are facing in the direction of natural hair growth resulting in radiant hair which is matt and tangle free

Will cause no damage to healthy hair when applied correctly and well maintained

Book an appointment: 07308 931626

All the hair used for Crow Couture  hair extension services is 100% human hair. Varieties include Russian Mongolian cuticle hair which is soft and silky, while the Virgin Brazilian is known for its incredible texture, and strength and durability – perfect for waves and curls. The Pure Mongolian hair sits right in the middle, and is silky, smooth and wonderfully voluminous.

All the human hair is specially processed to ensure that all the cuticles remain intact and face the same direction from root to tip. This is classed as ‘remy hair’ and ultimately helps prevent the hair extensions from matting or tangling while being installed.

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